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Our philosophy is simple: We work with and through your team to sharpen focus, increase accountability and create solutions. Without exception, this results in more effective, more profitable, higher value organizations.


We value collaboration, hard work, and honest attempts at improvement—even when they fail. We know that progress can be achieved through rapid learning cycles and other unconventional approaches to leading organizational improvement. Regardless of the business process—Sales, Research and Development, Operations—we work with you to drive the levers that produce results. Most importantly, we help you create the day-to-day cultural habits that lock improvements in place.

Mellon Solutions helps organizations develop faster “execution reflexes” so they can create sustainable solutions to seemingly intractable problems much faster than they ever thought possible.
Mellon Solutions has a reputation for isolating the root causes of those nagging problems that keep companies from growing.
About Frank Mellon

Frank has a reputation for taking on difficult problems. As his 25-year track record demonstrates, he has an uncanny ability for finding simple approaches to resolving the nagging problems that keep companies from performing and growing. Through experienced assessment and first-hand observation, Frank sees through the noise to identify metrics and business drivers that enable leadership to streamline processes, create lines of sight for their teams, and ultimately increase profitability. He works to identify assumptions and conventions that have—sometimes over years—become the "truths" in an organization that block it from its full potential and profitability.


A chemical engineer educated at University of Kentucky, Frank began his career in process engineering and operations at Dow Corning and then as Director of Operations at Herman Miller and Vice President of Operations at Prince Manufacturing.


In 2002, he founded Mellon Solutions to bring his experience, perspectives and passion to bear on companies needing to re-align for growth.  One of his first clients was Hal McLean, who had established his own firm The McLean Group, and the two have worked closely together ever since. In 2015, they documented their philosophy and approach in their book, The Enduring Organization.


Frank lives outside of Louisville, Kentucky, where he enjoys golfing with his wife, Jacque, and spending time with his son and grandchildren.

"Working with Frank is the most fun you'll ever have, and the hardest you'll ever work."

- COO and Former Client

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