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For years, our clients have asked us to document our leadership philosophy, perspectives on business, and approaches to organizational change so they can pass down what they learned during our engagement with them to subsequent managers and executives.


So we did just that.

Co-authored with my long-time business partner Hal McLean, our first book is entitled The Enduring Organization: How Leaders Revive and Sustain Relevance. In it, you will learn how leaders can uncover hidden opportunities within their organizations, design processes to reach new levels of performance, and adjust these processes until the key metrics move and stabilize at new levels.


In this concise and quick read, we outline a four-part model for organizational change, which you can use to produce significant profit increases and create a business that will thrive for years to come.

The book is available in paperback and on Kindle on:

"I wish I'd read this book 23 years ago when I started my company.  ... From changing the perspective of the big picture to offering insightful methods to handling the smaller details, like goals and metrics, this book could dramatically shift the way you think about your organization."

- Amazon Review

The Book

"Complicated solutions tend to be resource-intensive
and difficult to complete. Our experience has led us to
simplify and apply solutions rapidly."
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2. Appropriate-Minded Leadership

An appropriate-minded leadership team must at the helm, as opposed to a team operating with some fundamental base assumptions rooted in conditions that no longer currently exist.

1. A Relevant
Business Model

A relevant business model must be in place with the next generation business model already in development -- with recognizable triggers to begin the migration to the new business model when the time is right.

The Four-Part Model

An organization's ability to change and improve begins and ends with the leader, who must provide for four esential aspects of organizational health are being met:

3. An Insightful Organization

Insightful organizations ensure that employees at every level are surrounded by the information and experiences that can encourage ongoing insights into the organization’s performance.

4. Traction for

The organization is gaining traction for improved results, going beyond the bravado of demanding cost reduction and instead embedding key elements in the organization that identify high-leverage changes.

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