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Case Studies

Year after year, we help companies identify simple solutions to the problems they may not even know exist but that are holding them back. We've compiled a few of these stories into case studies for you to see how we help leaders in companies move the metrics that matter most for their bottom line and -- more importantly -- for the sustainability of thier organization.

This corporation was poised to spend over $5M in capital improvements in order to increase productivity. Using quick-cycle innovation, we worked with their team to increase throughput by 30 percent in under 60 days—without any new capital expenditures.

A respected chemical producer was losing market share and experiencing major field falters of its new products. We helped leadership redesign their product development process and recover their reputation as the technology leader in their industry, which led to increased revenues and double-digit growth.

Profits at this manufacturer were at nearly zero. Cycle times were too long while unfinished and defective product sat undelivered on the factory floor. With an intensive process improvement process, we worked through management to decrease cycle time from 28 to 16 weeks and increase revenues by nearly 40 percent.

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