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What We Do

You know how most consulting firms work: They fly in for a few weeks, analyze your business based on the information you provide, and then give you a report for how you can solve the problems they see. It’s a big cost—and a big risk.  Mellon Solutions is different.


What do we do? 

Mellon Solutions partners with corporations to put them on the growth path they seek. Whether simply improving the current business model or defining a completely new one, we build and execute with you to achieve markedly higher effectiveness and profitability.

We work on-site, side-by-side with you and your people—from the C-suite to the front lines—every week for months so we can:

  • Analyze and understand your unique challenges

  • Get to know your leadership and frontline team

  • Prototype and refine processes 

  • Move the entire organization toward sustainable growth.

At the end of our engagement, we don’t give you a binder full of recommendations and walk away. We leave you a more efficient, more profitable business with the processes and mindsets designed to sustain that success.


From day one, we become a part of your senior management team to identify and move the levers that drive and sustain change. We help you find the differences that make a difference in your business. This can happen in a number of ​ways and have numerous outcomes, including:

  • Creating & implementing strategic breakthroughs

  • Using data to identify growth and improvement opportunities

  • Identifying and/or building capacity for increased throughput 

  • Accelerating product development or service delivery

  • Simplifying processes

  • Creating strategic breakthroughs

  • Developing business leaders into more capable agents of growth and change for their companies

  • Helping keep your business model current, relevant and competitive

We don’t leave you with a binder full of recommendations. We leave you a more efficient, more profitable business and the practices you need to sustain that success.

Whatever the industry, we help you find capacity that exists in order to move the levers and quickly impact bottom-line results. 
​Who do we work with? 

We partner with companies in a wide range of industries, as diverse as durable goods manufacturing, high volume printing, specialty chemicals, and urban healthcare systems. Whatever the sector, we find untapped capacity and build the leadership capability to move the levers and quickly impact and sustain bottom-line results.

We specialize in small- to mid-cap corporations, ranging from $50M to $200M in annual business. But we also work with complex multi-billion dollar operations. Regardless of size, we look for three criteria in the companies we select to work with: 

  • Leadership Viability

  • Operational Viability

  • Financial Viability

If we see positive signs in these three areas, we think there's tremendous opportunity for a great working relationship. If not, Mellon Solutions is probably not the right choice for your company.

Is the leadership team open, flexible courageous and tough enough to lead and sustain transformative change? Are you ready and able to move?

Leadership Viability

Is there enough upside to make an investment in Mellon Solutions a good decision? Is it a win-win for everyone involved?

Financial Viability

Is there an adequate operational foundation to work with? Can process improvement take root in the organization?

Operational Viability
You primarily pay us from previously unrealized revenue—
money you didn't have before we helped you find it. 
How much does it cost? 

In over a decade of doing this work, our projects have never failed to pay for themselves in less than a year. Most have paid for themselves many times over. Mellon Solutions as an investment, not a cost.


It's simple: you pay us from previously unrealized revenue—money you didn't have before we helped you find it. Our agreement includes a monthly fee and a modest percentage of the net increase.


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